The AESI administrative staff and our Field Inspectors have one thing in common and that is to build good relationships with our clients and suppliers through exceptional service and value added performance. Importantly, our Field Safety Inspectors are qualified and understand what’s required to meet the strict regulations relating to ESMs in a broad range of commercial properties. All AESI Inspectors are of the highest character, are fully trained and have completed H&S induction courses. They are provided with the necessary safety equipment to meet the Work Safe Safety Standards and are uniformed and carry photo identification. Likewise sub-contractors employed to carry out servicing and rectification works are required to comply with relevant qualifications and insurances to safely and competently complete the work.

David Hassett

David Hassett-Director

Chris Campbell

Chris Campbell-Safety Inspector

Euan Campbell

Euan Campbell-Safety Inspector

Kevin Mangos

Kevin Mangos-Safety Inspector

Ray Thompson

Ray Thompson-Safety Inspector

David Simpson

David Simpson-Safety Inspector

Leon Bolshinsky

Leon Bolshinsky-Safety Inspector

Peter Bainbridge

Peter Bainbridge-Safety Inspector

Phil Parnell

Phil Parnell-Safety Inspector

Doug Pasula

Doug Pasula-Safety Inspector

Ilir Sadiku

Ilir Sadiku-Admin

Barbara Mangos

Barbara Mangos-Admin

Helen Keys

Helen Keys-Admin

Mary Andric

Mary Andric-Admin

Jenny Chan

Jenny Chan-Admin

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